A Disposable God

This past few days we have been at my Great Grandma’s house in Stuttgart, AR.  There’s a bunch of things we love about going to Grandma’s.  From shopping, to playing Skippo, and even typing on her typewriter!!  But one thing that Layten and I love about Grandma’s is that she has little disposable cups that you can use to wash your mouth out after you brush your teeth. We mainly love them cause we all know that Mom would never get them. So if you ever want to brush your teeth with a cool stylish disposable cup, go visit my Grandma!

After brushing my teeth and using one of those cups, I thought what would it would be like if the things that weren’t disposable, were.  What if there was disposable phones?  Like if you walk into a store, you could pick up a phone and when you were done just throw it away.

What if we had a disposable God?

A lot people act as if God is disposable.  Once they get what they want out of God, they throw Him away.  Have you done this?

God is great and God is good when we need Him, but once we begin to feel comfortable again, our trust turns to ourselves.

And we should never do that!  We should never forget Him, act like He’s not there or toss Him aside. We need to stick on course. God’s not disposable and we can’t afford to “throw Him away” for just a second.

So don’t treat God like He’s disposable, cause He’s everlasting!!!


One thought on “A Disposable God

  1. Janet Bushey says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Gracen! Your statement, “…but once we begin to feel comfortable again, our trust turns to ourselves” really puts it clearly. Comfort always seems to be what we’re looking for, but it doesn’t pull us toward God. I needed your reminder today to pursue Him–and He will certainly be enough!

    (Your Aunt Brenda and I are friends) 🙂

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