Judging Your Peeps

Sometimes I have trouble finding a good book to read because I base my selection on the cover most of the time.  I hope that the book cover would win me over instead of reading the blurb on the back.  Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t.

You know, I’ve been finding myself doing the same with people.  Oh, it’s ok, she looks lilke she has Christ in her heart.  She acts like she’s a follower of Christ.  I don’t need to witness to her cause she acts like she has Jesus.  I really need to get out of that habit!!

At Super Summer this year, some of my friends shared that it surprised them when some of the new people they meet went forward and ask Jesus in there heart.  They said they acted like Christians and they never expected that they didn’t have Jesus.

We don’t need to think anything about people’s Christian life, we need to know.  We don’t need to take the chance of thinking your best friend has Jesus, we need to know.  We need to make sure that everyone has Christ in their life, wether it’s someone you just met or someone you grew up with.  We don’t need to take chances and just guess.

I have a lot of friends that, I am not for sure, know Jesus.  Last year at lunch, my friend and I were talking about Jesus and what he’s done in our life’s and she was sitting there with a really confused face.  She asked, “I know who Jesus is, but how could He so this to you?  I mean, I thought he was just I guy in a history book.”  We thought that she was a top dog for Christ.

My goal for this next school year, is to make sure that all my friends know who Christ is and what he can do for you.

For me, witnessing for to my friends is the hardest thing for me.  Why?  I really don’t know!  But one of my favorite songs that gets my up and gives me a reminder of why I’m here goes:

“Jesus we’re living for your name, we’ll never be ashamed of you!  Our praise and all we are today, so take, take, take it all!”

So maybe if you’re like me and are a little scared to witness to somebody.  Think of a song that speaks to you and gives you courage to talk to that person.  Or maybe it’s a verse from the Bible.  Or maybe it’s the thought of someone you call a friend that you just don’t know what choice they have made about Jesus.

And don’t judge people – because you can’t always tell from the outside if someone had Jesus or not!


One thought on “Judging Your Peeps

  1. dvire says:

    Gracen, I hope you are keeping a hard copy of these devotionals in a folder somewhere. If not, I recommend it strongly. These early essays will become a source of strength and inspiration to you as you write in later years. Keep Writing!!

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