Get Off the Couch

Don’t you love being lazy! Somedays I just want to stay in bed all day long with a bag of chips and a book. Don’t you?

Sometimes, we take being lazy into our walk with God. “I don’t feel like doing my devotion,” or maybe, “I don’t want to read my Bible.” Sometimes we are too lazy to do what God wants us to do. We are too comfortable and we don’t want to get off the couch. We don’t want to listen to God and hear what He has to say. We are just too comfortable doing our own thing. We want to grab a bag of chips and live our own life.

Couches are comfortable. I have a spot on the couch where I always sit. I guess it’s my comfort zone. The thing about God is we can get comfortable in our relationship with Him while all He wants us to do is to get out of our comfort zone.

It’s impossible to obey our parents as we sit on the couch. We can’t pick up our clothes, wash dishes, take out the trash or make our bed from the couch. And it’s the same way with God.

We need to take our relationship with God seriously. He has amazing plans for us. So why do we love just sitting on the couch?

Maybe we are embarrased about what other people will say if we obey God. Or maybe we are scared. Sometimes we expect to know how things will turn out before we do anything. But sometimes, we are just plan lazy.

We need to get off the couch. Go over and sit by the girl everyone makes fun of at school. Or go talk to the kid you barely acknowledge in your class. Get out of your comfort zone and develop a relationship with someone. That’s how you spread the Gospel. Listen to what God has to say and don’t be affraid to obey Him. Get off the couch and obey God today!


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