The Point of Easter

I can not wait for Easter!!  The “Easter Bunny” comes for a visit, you get to have Easter egg hunts, and don’t forget the candy!!  I eat like 20 Peeps each year (if you know what I mean).  And don’t forget the GIANT Easter meal.  Ham, turkey, corn, rolls and desert gallore!  I can not wait for Easter!!

But think about Easter.  Is food and eggs and bunnies the whole point of Easter?  I mean really, that would be a lame holiday if it was dedicated to that stuff.  There has to be something better than that.  Deep down inside you know that there is a better reason for Easter, and there is…

God sent his one and only son down to Earth for you.  Let’s stop there, His son had everything.  He is chill’n in Heaven having a ball, but then His dad asked Him to come live on Earth for you.  And what did he do?  He said yes!  I know that I would not go down to a filthy place and help filthy greedy people when I have everything right here.  But he went.

Later on, God asked His son, Jesus to die on the cross.  Now, why would He ask that?  You see, we do some pretty bad things.  We steal, cheat, lie, disrespect.  When God created us, He didn’t want it to be that way.  He wanted everything to be good and perfect.  But, we screw it up.  And God didn’t want us to suffer the consiquince, which would be spending eternity in a terrible place called Hell.  He didn’t want that.  So he asked His son to die on the cross to take our punishment.  Him dying on the cross gave us the oppertunity to be forgiven and not spend eternity in Hell.

One day, Jesus was crucified, which means He was beated, whipped, and had to hang on a cross until He died.  Everyone made fun of Him.  “If you were really God’s son then you could get off the cross yourself… where is you father to help you?” everyone shouted that day.

But three days later, God showed them.  Jesus came back to life again.  He rose from the dead.  How cool is that?!

That’s why were celebrate Easter!  It’s not about bunnies or eggs, it is about what Jesus did for you!

But it doesn’t end there.  Because Jesus died on the cross, you have the chance to be forgiven and get to go to Heaven when you die.  Who would not want to go to Heaven?  You get to chill with Jesus and God and you have everything you could imagine.

But you can’t go to Heaven when you are sinning, you need to ask Jesus into your heart. And this is how you do it.  Pour you heart out to Him in prayer.  Tell Him how much you love Him (how could you not, he died for you).  Tell Him thank you for dying for your sins and that you are sorry for sinning.  Tell Him that you believe that He is God’s Son and that He rose from the grave… for you.  Ask Him to come into your heart.

And when you ask Jesus into your heart, tell someone.  That is the greatest news, ever!!  Don’t be afraid to share it.  See my previous blog, “Normal is so last year”, for more information.

Forget about the eggs and food and celebrate that Jesus is alive!!  And have a Happy Easter!!


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