“Normal is so last year!”

Have you ever wanted to be “normal”, or “cool”? Normal is having the same bag as everybody else. Normal is doing what everybody else is doing. Normal is not taking risks. Why would anybody want to be normal? That’s the last thing I would want to be.

What about this, are you normal for God? Are you doing what everybody else is doing? Are you reading your Bible when you find time or watching TV (or texting or Facebooking)? Do you not listen in church or passing notes (or just passing time)? Do you really care about God? Or are you just giving Him a nod and moving on with your life? What’s your “normal” when it comes to God?

God invites us to dance to a different tune for Him. In other words, be weird. We need to be weird for God. Normal is following the crowd. Being weird is to live your life for God. Normal is paying attention to others. Being weird is paying attition to God. Normal is telling everyone about you. Being weird is telling everybody around you about Him. So, would you rather be normal or weird for God?

We need to be Jesus Freaks! We need to be spreading the great news. We can’t just forget God and only talk to Him when your need something.

So are you going to be “normal” or weird for God?


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