Unending Love


I know this blog is kinda late because Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is really awkward for an 11 year old girl like me. Love? What 11 year old needs it? So it is just a normal day for me and some of friends who don’t care a thing in the world about boys.

Last night at 10:30pm I was laying in bed when I had this thought. Why don’t we give God a Valentine’s card? Where would we be without His love? Think about it. Does God know how much you love Him? Because of His love we wake up every morning. We have the courage to speak up. We get through the day and do our best at school or at work. His love is the eyes to blind man. His love is the roof for the homeless. His love is the food for the poor. It is all about God’s love!

So why do we worry about making or getting a card for the guy you like? What’s the point? It is not to late to get God a Valentine’s card.

Your Valentine’s card to God can be just a way to show you love Him too. He loved you so much He sent His son to die on the cross for you. Give God a Valentine’s card that clearly shows Him that you love Him. Make sure He knows how much you love Him. I mean, He is the whole point your here today.


2 thoughts on “Unending Love

  1. Nicole Inman says:

    Love it Gracen! The Best Valentine’s Card we can give the Lord is our WHOLE life! When you feel him leading – step out. He will lead but he won’t push. We choose to obey and guess what – he gives us his strength and power to see it through! Love your idea! He desires to be not just our Savior (the one who died for us,) but he desires for us to see him as he really is – OUR LORD (the one we choose to serve). That requires complete, unending, absolute DEVOTION. Go get ’em girl!

  2. Amy your most favorite cousin (ha ha) says:

    G! Another great post AND a great reminder. I wish I was still a middle school youth leader. I would have you come and share with the girls because you GET IT. You understand that you belong to Jesus and you follow him 100%!!
    Much love!

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