“Can I Have A Dog, God? Please?!”

Have you ever wanted something really bad?  To the point where you are begging!  Have you ever ask God for it?

One time, I wanted a dog REALLY bad!  (I still do, Mom and Dad!!)  So every night I would go to bed and ask God for a dog when I pray.  I thought that if I prayed hard enough, that I would get it!  Ya, about that, it didn’t work.  I don’t have a dog… yet!

“Do you want to get well?”  In John 5:6, Jesus asked a man that had been paralized for 38 years that question!  Out of all questions, why that?  That man spent 38 years begging!  But if he was healed, he would have to get up and go to work and support himself, by himself.

What about your prayers?  God can anwser them, no doubt about that!  Did you ask God to help you win your next game?  I so, you have to practice.  Or maybe, that you want to witness?  In that case, you have to speak up.  God can anwser your prayers, but you have to do your part, too.


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