Pretend that you have a brand new poster board. You are very proud of that poster board. No one in the whole wide world has the same poster board as you. Your poster board is very unique. It is a one of a kind. Your poster board is clean. It has no dots, specks, spots, or marks. It is a big wide space of white.

But one day, you get a new black pen. You want to try out your new black pen. So you go to your clean white poster board and draw a lovely house. But then you mess up, and mess up, and mess up…you get the picture.

Now the clean white poster board is dirty. It now has dots, specks, spots, and marks on it. Your poster board is ruined.

That’s like what all of our life’s look like. We start off our day clean and end up dirty and unwanted. Not mud kind of dirty, but sin kind of dirty. Everyday we sin, and every time we sin a mark goes on our poster board. At the end of the day, we are full of marks (or mess ups). No one wants a dirty ugly poster board.

But then there’s White Out. The most coolest, sweetest invention for dirty, messed up poster boards. It makes things clean.

Do you know who our White Out is? Jesus! He erases the smudges and scratches and distortions sin creates in our heart. He makes us clean.

But sometimes we mistake God for people we know. Do you ever notice how friends remember your mistakes? “Hey, two years ago you took a dollar from me. Payback time!” But that’s not God. He forgets it and moves on.

The good part is God doesn’t retire. White Out will goes out someday. But God is forever!

Let God by your white out and let Him mend your poster board!


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