Last Friday I went to the one game I mainly care to watch, the Salt Bowl. Bryant vs. Benton. Blue vs. Maroon. Hornets vs. Panthers. Bryant has won for the past 5 years (Let’s make it 6!). It’s a high school rivalry, and for us hornets, it’s a big deal.

But what about the rivalry between you and God? The other day my friend, Carlee, went up and asked the coach (who runs the cafeteria like a drill sergeant) if he needed any help cleaning up. Understand, she could have gone outside just like the rest of her friends. But she chose to do a nice thing.

What would you do if God told you to go sit with that girl who’s eating alone or go introduce yourself to the new neighbor across the street? In some situations the majority of us would say something like,”haha God, very funny, but I’m gonna go over here and do my own thing.”

When you make a commitment to God you can’t just say, “Okay God you saved me, now see ya. I’m gonna do my own thing.”

Instead of letting yourself win and ignoring God, do what Carlee did and let the Lord win. Cause you know, you always feel happy after doing the right thing. Every time the Lord tells you to do something, obey him, even if it feels uncomfortable. (I still need to work on that.)

By the way, GO BIG BLUE!!!!!


One thought on “Vs.

  1. Ali says:

    We all need to work on that sweet girl! Thank you for the reminder that I need to not sit back and watch from the sidelines but I need to jump in and act and be obedient to what God asks me to do even if it is uncomfortable. Way to go Carlee for acting like Christ! Way to go Gracen for knowing it and reminding all of us. Words are empty it takes action!! Have a great week and Keep writing!!!

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